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Small Biz Mama

Jul 28, 2020

How do you help your kids become avid readers? Something that will make a huge difference in their life and trajectory is reading. See top three tips now.

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● Online marketing and attraction marketing
● Giving value by offering free content to pull prospective leads to your company
● Not completely giving away product or service for free but knowledge or information related to the product or service that would help the customer make a wise choice
● Attraction marketing improves engagement which in result increases sales
● The key to success when using attraction marketing is having a genuine interest in customers and their needs.
● How to Master Attraction Marketing
● Spread Knowledge
● Earn Trust
● Be authentic
● Be social and responsive
● Give insights
● Generate and distribute content
5 tips to attract more qualified leads with Attraction Marketing
● Know your audience
● Choose one channel - network that makes sense for finding your target audience (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
● Tell a story and back it up with statistics
● Offer your first solution - after drawing people in with engagement, provide them with an offer or service they cannot refuse. Something that will solve a problem or help them with a dilemma they are currently facing. Whatever the solution, this should leave your audience wanting more from your business in the future.
● Engage with your audience

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