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Small Biz Mama

May 19, 2020

Working at home while your kids are home can feel overwhelming. I’m going to share with you the most important thing you can do to make this process much easier. I know you've got kids at home right now and if you're like me, you're struggling to get things done. My son is an amazing kid and he was an amazing baby. I am a tax accountant and he was born on December 27th. We rolled right into tax season.  We had his little Pack ‘n Play. They had all the baby attachments on top and he would be in his little baby attachment asleep, right on top of the Pack ‘n Play. We were good to go. And then he became mobile. That did not work anymore.  Jeff and I really had to look at what work we were doing. How can we keep working? We've got this toddler that wants to move and talk and grow and not let us work. And if you try to put them on your lap to work, he's going to type at your keyboard. As your kids get older, it becomes more difficult. 

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Be realistic about what you can accomplish
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There is a point where I rerecorded a line because my computer alarm went off. You should hear the alarm and then hear me rerecord a line. It was at the point I was talking about going downstairs to make Erik breakfast.


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